Chief Technology Officer

Purefy Inc is a Financial Technology company based in Washington, DC, offering platforms built around the PSICloud framework, engineered by Everett McCoy.

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Life Discovered

Executive Director

Life Discovered Inc is a non-profit company founded by Everett McCoy, focused on helping people reclaim their past and re-frame their future as they perceive the call of Christ in a new light.

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MACRIM Corporation


MACRIM Corporation is a holding company for various business interests, including Everett & Rhonda's Plexus distributorship and planned publication / technology initiatives.



BibleHighlights.com was initially founded by Everett to share personal insights from Bible study as well as sermons. Our goal is to add many more contributors over the next few months and establish a daily devotional.

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Christian World Business Exchange is a ministry of Life Discovered - serving entrepreneurs, business professionals, and ministry leaders with both motivation and resources to achieve maximum impact in Christ.

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Everett's desire to help the Church flourish in a digital / connected world is giving birth to webEDIFY - an online suite of management tools for churches and Christ-centered ministries.  Let all things be done for edification 1 Cor 14:26

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A Tale of Two Nets

A future book to be written, but for now only an outline and a lot of scribbled notes about leadership - gleaned from two miraculous catches of fish...

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Rhonda's Blog

Rhonda's blog, Days of Grace, shares stories and insights that help people find peace and joy through often difficult circumstances.

Days of Grace

Everett's Blog

Nothing fancy - just thoughts that may seem random at times, and don't fit in one of the other venues on this page 🙂    Quite compelling, eh?

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